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Mind Rejuvenation Boost your brain’s function and reduce mental deterioration

Your guide to a healthy brain.How to Keep Your Brain Healthy For Years to Come

Your brain is like any other organ—usually degeneration doesn’t come on suddenly. There are antecedents brought on by physiological abnormalities like stress, blood sugar, free radicals, chronic inflammation, toxins, heavy metal, and vascular aging. By removing toxins and providing the right nutrients you can reduce your body’s inflammation to better protect a healthy mind for years to come.

Brain diseases such as dementia do not occur over night. Dementia often presents as a group of symptoms spanning many years involving rapid decline in memory, language, and other thinking skills, which render a person incapable to perform everyday activities. Dementia is not normal aging, although the prevalence increases with age and one in three seniors will die with dementia.

10% of people aged 65, and 1/3 of people older than 85 have dementia. The incidence of dementia is higher among women than men and it is estimated that both lose an average of 15 years of healthy living due to disability and premature death.

Prevention is Everything

Dementia comes in stages. The first stage is an asymptomatic stage: meaning that individuals have measurable brain damage and biomarkers but have not developed cognitive changes. When brain damage accumulates over a prolonged period of time, the brain loses its ability to compensate and people begin developing mild symptoms.

The second stage is called Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). These symptoms may only be noticeable to family and close friends, and they do not interfere with the individual’s ability to carry out everyday activities. Studies have found that up to 40% of individuals with MCI develop dementia within 5 years.

Dementia causes complications such as immobility, inability to eat, and malnutrition that significantly increase risk of other serious disorders. Dementia is the 6th leading cause of death world wide.

mitigating Brain degenration with R•MEDYMD

There is no medicine or treatment that can truly cure degenerative diseases such as dementia—but they can possibly be mitigated with early intervention. While aging is a major non-modifiable risk factor for the development of dementia, other modifiable risk factors including obesity, cardiovascular disease, gut dysbiosis, impaired immune system, physical inactivity, previous brain trauma, and environmental factors.

Western medicine fails to emphasize the importance of preventing cognitive decline or dementia. Functional medicine not only emphasizes the mind-body connection, but also uses integrative laboratory to influence dietary and supplemental needs to maintain an optimal microenvironment for your brain cells.

Attempting to prevent dementia involves a complex interplay of many variable. It involves preventing neuroinflammation, detoxification, microglia activation, mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative injury, and gut microbiome neurotoxins. Our mind rejuvenation program counsels on a judicious personalized diet with a physical activity regime, all of which will reduce your risk of developing dementia and other brain degeneration diseases. and help maintain your quality of life for as long as you live.


  • Chronic inflammation
  • Diabetes
  • Environmental toxin exposure
  • Vascular aging
  • Poor diet
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Previous brain trauma
  • Excess weight
  • Insufficient exercise

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“With a family history of dementia I knew it was time to monitor the health of my mind.”

H. Braun


  • Autonomic nervous system and stress analysis
  • Micro-nutrient analysis
  • Environmental toxin analysis
  • Complete inflammatory system assessment
  • Detoxification & related gene analysis
  • Environmental hormone analysis
  • Vascular aging analysis
  • Neurohormonal analysis


As each individual’s personal health is unique, so are our treatment plans. The R•MEDYMD solution involves a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms, health history & current concerns. Once we have analyzed this data our experts will provide the recommended assessments to further explore your genetic markers for disease and underlying conditions. 

Your custom treatment plan will be created out of the quantitative data retrieved from your personalized testing to help determine the root cause of your symptoms and concerns. Your R•MEDYMD team will build a long term, rather than a band aid, solution for a healthier future.