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Globalizing Personal Health ManagementOur Story

International roots, planted in VancouverAn Innovative Approach to Health

What does it really mean to lead a healthy life? To age well—to live well? This personal journey of exploration transformed into the realization that what we are all searching for was almost unknown and unheard of in Canada.

These questions drove us to another continent, across seas and timezones, to Taiwan.

It’s science

Western medicine is centralized around a reactive approach to health, but personal health management is proactive, taking advantage of modern science and technology to bring your health under your control. Your body is yours: to take ownership of, shape, alter, and treat.. This is what we stand for. This is why we opened R•MEDYMD.

A team like no other

Using methods such as HRV analysis, liver assessment, customized IV therapy, genetic testing, custom supplements and more, our team of professionals inform, guide, and provide you with only the best experience.

This is only the beginning

We’re changing Canada’s approach to healthcare, starting in Vancouver. By creating a spa-like atmosphere and employing our preventative techniques, we make seeking better health care a more positive experience.