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The team at R•MEDYMD have a genuine passion for wellness and they believe in the services they offer. We bring you only the best in physicians, professional advisors, consultants, registered nurses, lab assistants and a large support team to ensure your experience is confidential and seamless.

  • James Leung, MD

    James Leung, MD

    James Leung, MD is a world renowned Taiwanese internist and gastroenterologist. With over 40 years of medical experience in the application and research of disease prevention and personal health management, James Leung is one of the leading Functional Medicine pioneers.

    After graduating from the Department of Medicine at the Taipei Medical University in 1979, he soon found his passion for Functional Medicine becoming the first doctor in Taiwan to publish a research article examining “fatty liver” disease.

    In 2003 James Leung was the first Chinese specialist to gain the American Board-Certified Anti-Aging Physician certification and to this day remains the founder of Asian Functional Medicine and the dean of “EUREKA Taipei International Functional Medicine and Healthy Aging Center” in Taipei, Taiwan.

    James Leung integrates cutting-edge and innovative medical analysis with tangible preventative and corrective solutions to optimize your health in the most natural way.

  • Martin Braun, MD

    Martin Braun, MD

  • Rachel Skocylas, MD

    Rachel Skocylas, MD

    Dr. Rachel Skocylas, MD, CCFP, ABOM is a family physician with a special interest in functional and integrative medicine. She completed her medical school at University of British Columbia and went on to do her residency in family medicine at the University of Toronto. She also holds board certification in obesity medicine through the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM).
    Dr. Rachel (as she is known to her patients) is an avid learner and continues to pursue further education through the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona in addition to courses through the Institute of Functional Medicine. A strong advocate for preventative medicine, she aims to empower patients to take an active role in their health by using a variety of tools to measure their current health status and provide education about realistic lifestyle measures that can be implemented to improve and maintain health.
    Her approach to medicine is built around understanding health concerns from a holistic, systems-based approach and addressing root causes of symptoms. With her diverse training background she is able to offer a unique combination of both conventional and functional medicine approaches while helping patients understand when one may be more suitable than the other.
  • Rae, RN

    Rae, RN

    Rae started as an ER nurse in China before beginning her career in medical aesthetics when she moved to Canada. She is one of our injectable nurses at Vancouver Laser who performs both laser and injectable treatments.  Rae is a skilled professional in skin rejuvenation and has an immense understanding in getting to the root cause of her patients concerns. She is an expertise in her field and finds comfort in knowing that her career allows her to help patients become the best versions of themselves.

  • Bryan, RN

    Bryan, RN

    Bryan graduated from Langara College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. Having 8 years of experience working in a medical setting in various hospitals around Vancouver, Bryan is always seeking for a new experiences. Through his pursuit, he found the growing world of Functional Medicine with R.MedyMD, allowing him to step into a different field in health. He is very passionate about advancing his education and yearns to learn something new in hopes he can part that knowledge to someone else one day. Bryan makes a wonderful addition to the team with his positive attitude and ability to keep an open mind regardless of the situation.



    Meagan grew up in Calgary and graduated from Mount Royal University in 2010. After almost 3 years as a registered nurse at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, she decided to move to Vancouver on a solo venture to find her path. 8 years later she is now part of the Vancouver Laser team. Meagan is an expert in body composition and her understanding in overall wellness derives from her experiences working with patients who seek services in weight management. She feels a great sense of reward when she has made an impact on her patients health journey.

  • Clarissa, RN

    Clarissa, RN

    Clarissa started her nursing career in Victoria BC where she was working in IV therapy. She decided to take a leap of faith and follow her heart to pursue a career in aesthetics and joined the amazing team at Vancouver Laser. Clarissa is passionate in Functional Medicine and is thrilled about being able to offer services that can impact her patients lives. Educating preventative and proactive approaches to wellness is not only what Clarissa shares with her patients, but also what she practices in her own lifestyle.


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  • IvyRmedy MD Manager

    IvyRmedy MD Manager

    Ivy is one of our talented bilingual consultants. With extensive knowledge in personal health management, she is perfectly equipped to build a customizable treatment plan to help achieve your desired results!

    When Ivy isn’t giving health care advice, she can be found spending time with her family or travelling. She loves spending time outdoors with her kids and husband and thanks to sunscreen – you will never be able to guess her age!



    Ale truly believes that every concern has a root, and she is honored to work with a team with the ability to change other people lives.

    Ale has a daughter and when she is not busy driving her back and forth to school and gymnastics, they really enjoy baking together. They have recently started exercising together too!