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Irritable Bowel SyndromeBuild a healthier digestive system

When bloating and constipation rules your lifeUnderstand the “why” rather than just the diagnosis

100 trillion. That’s the number of microbes living inside your gut. The digestive system is more than digestion and elimination; it is also the coast guard of the body’s immune defences.

The food we eat is often mixed with various toxins, allergens and germs, which impose a huge threat on gut integrity and burden our digestive system. As we get older, our digestive capacity gradually decreases. By improving our ability to digest food, increasing our defenses against toxins and germs and optimizing the internal ecology of the intestine along with its close relationship to the heart and brain, you can rebuild a better functioning digestive and immune system.

a poor diet isn’t the only culprit

The common phrase “you are what you eat” carries a lot of weight when examining the digestive system. Medical research into the gut microbiome is exploding with thousands of articles. We are discovering that there are often other contributing factors that accentuate poor gut health in addition to the food you eat. Understanding all these factors such as food insensitivities, environmental toxins and micronutrient balance helps determine the creative solutions necessary to improve an unhealthy digestive system. With comprehensive testing through the Digestive Care Assessment, the team at R•MEDYMD works with you to take the guesswork out of your gut health.

Possible root causes

  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Food sensitivity/intolerance
  • Low Vitamin D levels
  • Vitamin & mineral deficiency
  • Poor diet & exercise
  • Stress
  • Impaired GI microbiome
  • Toxin overload

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“My stomach health has improved with balanced supplementation and better diet.”

JAmes P

root cause tests

  • Autonomic nervous system and stress analysis
  • Micro-nutrient analysis
  • Environmental toxin analysis
  • Vitamin D assessment
  • Vascular aging analysis
  • Neurohormonal analysis
  • Female/Male related hormone test
  • Complete inflammatory system assessment

How it worksthe R•MEDYMD solution

As each individual’s personal health is unique, so are our treatment plans. The R•MEDYMD solution involves a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms, health history & current concerns. Once we have analyzed this data our specialists will provide the recommended assessments to further explore your genetic markers for disease and underlying conditions.

Your custom treatment plan will be created out of the quantitative data retrieved from your personalized testing to help determine the root cause of your symptoms and concerns. Your R•MEDYMD team will build a long term, rather than a band aid, solution for a healthier future.